Technology Services

Bruce Mason, Designer
Enterprise Mobile business apps and application development

We develop mobile applications for your enterprise applications so that it is possible to access the data on your systems from smart devices to work with it at all times.

The mobile applications are developed to iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and multi-platform. Custom development for the type of smartphone your employees work with.

Mobile applications for administration, agriculture, construction, field service, general, government, health and safety, healthcare, hospitality and retail, insurance, IT and Telecommunications, Landscaping, mining, oil and gas, real estate, sales, security, training and transportation.

Software Architecture, Design and Development

Our seasoned IT architect, project managers and developers are positioned to build applications with rich, secured and seamless user friendly interfaces.

Our development capabilities support multiple range of business processes adopting the .NET Framework.

Development offerings:

  • Requirements gathering, aligning business needs and organizational requirements.
  • Architecture reviews - interoperability, maintainability, performance, scalability, and security.
  • Project specific training
  • Architecture training and consulting services.
  • Integration of existing applications with new .NET Framework.
  • On-Site and Remote Development with architect support.
Systems Integration

HavilahTech Systems Integration paradigm helps clients solve business challenges and accelerates business innovation to drive high performance.

Our subject matter experts work with our clients to understand their goals with the aim of having a clear vision of how to integrate the optimum accelerated solution to meet those goals. In the light of emerging technologies, our custom development experts can utilize both packaged and customized software to provide solutions for enterprise needs which would drive high performance and business growth.

Our solutions move organizations to a sustainable high performance. We factor scalability, improve existing systems and business processes and deliver measurable and increasing value to organizations .

Our Systems Integration solutions are founded on the strength of the HavilahTech team consisting of seasoned solution professionals with great passion for innovation, excellent client relationships and cutting edge technical knowledge. Our team is commitment to delivering high quality performance.